East Course

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 1
Ladies' HDCP: 3
  Championship 460
   Black 440
   Blue 435
   White 433
   Gold 433

Hole #1 | Challenge

The drive is the most difficult feature of the hole. A long carrying drive can take advantage of a fairway downslope at the 260-yard mark. If you carry to this point the ball should run another 30 to 40 yards leaving a short iron into a generous green.
The danger off the tee is an out of bounds to the right and trees on both sides of the fairway. So, the players first shot of the day will test his driving skills and set the tone for the rest of the round.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 13
Ladies' HDCP: 14
  Championship 401
   Black 370
   Blue 361
   White 361
   Gold 335

Hole #2 | Breather

This will be a lay up hole for most of the players. A tee shot with a long iron or fairway wood will put them in position for a short iron approach to a small green. Deep bunkers are in play on both sides of the fairway and are to be avoided. Keeping the iron shot below the hole will afford the player the best birdie chance. The green is very quick putting from behind the hole.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 15
Ladies' HDCP: 15
  Championship 211
   Black 204
   Blue 176
   White 176
   Gold 168

Hole #3 | The Pines

A very difficult par three. Most players will hit a mid to long iron into a very small green. Deep bunkers guard both sides of the green. Under no circumstances do you want to miss the green long and to the right. There will be almost no chance to get the ball up and down from this position. This hole will give up very few birdies and always ranks as one of the hardest holes at Oak Hill Country Club.

Par 5
Men's HDCP: 9
Ladies' HDCP: 2
  Championship 570
   Black 550
   Blue 542
   White 466
   Gold 466

Hole #4 | The High and Mighty

This hole always plays as the easiest of the 18. It will give up the most birdies, 50% more than any other hole. It is reachable in two shots by many in the field. The difficulty off the tee is taking the gamble for the long ball with a high, fading tee shot. This shot will have to go around and over two, very deep, fairway bunkers. There is also out of bounds on the right side. If you hit into these bunkers you will have to lay up with a 7 to 9 iron. Because of these difficult bunkers some players will play this hole in the "lay-up mode"; long iron off the tee, long iron second shot and a full wedge into the green. The green is receptive to shots with the exception of the back center hole placement. When the hole is placed on top of this narrow knob birdies will not come easy.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 11
Ladies' HDCP: 12
  Championship 436
   Black 418
   Blue 406
   White 367
   Gold 297

Hole #5 | Little Poison

Without question this will be one of the most difficult holes during the championship. A new tee adds 30 more yards to the hole , making this the most dangerous tee shot at Oak Hill Country Club. Your tee shot must travel through a shoot of trees for over 215 yards and then must avoid a creek that winds itself into the landing area at the 250 yard mark. Heavy rough on the left side make playing safe over there no bargain. If you happen to hit a good drive you will have a mid to short iron to a green that is fronted by that same creek. Shots landing short will be wet. The green offers some great hole placements making birdies difficult to come by. There will be more double bogies on this hole than any other.

Par 3
Men's HDCP: 17
Ladies' HDCP: 18
  Championship 175
   Black 167
   Blue 139
   White 139
   Gold 112

Hole #6 | Double Trouble

This will be the easiest of the par threes. The green has a deep bunker on the right side and a creek that winds itself around the green on the left and front sides. Most players will hit 6, 7 or 8-irons into this green. The back right hole placement will be the most difficult to get to. In the 1989 U.S. Open, four players made a hole-in-one on this hole during the first 90 minutes of the first round! A fun hole to watch.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 3
Ladies' HDCP: 10
  Championship 461
   Black 431
   Blue 414
   White 404
   Gold 404

Hole #7 | Creek's Elbow

A truly great par four hole, one of Oak Hill Country Club's finest. This is another hole where distance has been added, up to 30 more yards. This is a very tight driving hole with the fairway width about 22 yards. There is a creek to avoid on the right side that comes up close to the fairway. Trees on the left keep the players from bailing out on that side. Hit it in the creek and a double bogey will follow. The green is one of the smaller ones on the course. A good drive here will leave a mid iron to the green.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 7
Ladies' HDCP: 8
  Championship 430
   Black 430
   Blue 423
   White 375
   Gold 375

Hole #8 | Wayside

A beautiful, straight away hole that will let the player try and hit a long drive. The fairway bunkers on the left hand side are very deep. If a player drives into them, he may not be able to reach the green because of the deepness of the bunkers. Trees on the right protect that side of the fairway. A mid to short iron will be hit into a large green that offers some interesting hole placements, especially on the back right portion of the green.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 5
Ladies' HDCP: 6
  Championship 452
   Black 417
   Blue 400
   White 389
   Gold 389

Hole #9 | Needle's Eye

An up hill dog leg right hole. This hole has really been beefed up. A new tee has added 35 yards to the hole making it a very difficult driving hole. "Death Valley" is to the right. Any drive missing the fairway in the right rough is almost a chip out. The left side of the fairway slopes to the left so that any drive landing on the far left side will kick into the rough. Because of this, the fairway width at 25 yards plays much narrower. The second shot will be an up hill mid iron shot to a green that is shaped smaller in the back. Don't miss the second shot down the hill on the left. Up and downs from this spot will be few and far between.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 8
Ladies' HDCP: 9
  Championship 429
   Black 429
   Blue 403
   White 388
   Gold 388

Hole #10 | Council Grove

A beautiful down hill hole that will require another accurate drive. Some players will lay up off of the tee with a fairway wood or long iron. Because the green is small hitting from the fairway is a must to control the ball on the second shot. This is another hole where the slopes in the fairway make the tee shot much tighter than normal. A bunker on the left protects this side of the hole and trees and a creek protect the right side of the hole. The green has a small slope in the middle that makes the second shot difficult to get close to the hole. This hole is sneaky tough, having played as the fifth and sixth most difficult hole in the last two major championships at Oak Hill Country Club.

Par 3
Men's HDCP: 16
Ladies' HDCP: 16
  Championship 226
   Black 185
   Blue 175
   White 116
   Gold 116

Hole #11 | Waterfall

This par-3 will play a great deal different than it has in the past. Traditionally, one of the easier holes on the course, it has now been made much more difficult with the addition of 30 more yards. This will be a long iron par three hit to a fairly receptive target. The traditional left to right wind will make some hole placements play especially difficult. A creek winds its way to the right of the green and some balls will find it. The green is surrounded by bunkers but they will be easy to play out of.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 12
Ladies' HDCP: 5
  Championship 372
   Black 372
   Blue 367
   White 367
   Gold 357

Hole #12 | Leaning Oak

It will be interesting to see if some players will hit a driver to see how close they can get to the green. The green can' t be driven but, because of the subtle downhill slope in the fairway a longer hitter can get to within 50 yards of the green. The smart play will be to tee off with a long iron and hit the tee shot 150 yards from the green. This is another very tight driving hole with trees guarding both sides of the fairway. A short iron approach to a wonderfully shaped green is all that will be left. The best hole placements are in the back left part of the green. This is a great viewing hole for the spectators.

Par 5
Men's HDCP: 2
Ladies' HDCP: 1
  Championship 594
   Black 594
   Blue 563
   White 488
   Gold 488

Hole #13 | Hill of Fame

This hole has never been reached in two shots but that will change during the tournament. Someone, with two fantastic shots will run one up on the green this time around. The "Hill of Fame" hole is normally played with a fairway wood off the tee. This should keep the drive short of the creek that bisects the fairway at 300 yards. This creek meanders down the right side also coming into play. A long iron second shot will put the player 125 yards from the green avoiding the right side fairway bunkers and the tree trouble on the left. From there the player will hit a wedge into a receptive green. Keeping the ball below the hole is a must because the green is especially quick from back to front.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 10
Ladies' HDCP: 13
  Championship 323
   Black 323
   Blue 319
   White 319
   Gold 310

Hole #14 | Bunker Hill

A very short par 4 that will allow some daring players to use a driver to see how close to the green they can hit it. Most of the field will use a long iron to make sure that they hit their second shot from the fairway. The up hill second shot to a two tier green requires a play from the fairway if you want to knock it close with a wedge. There will be some birdies here, but not as many as you may expect.

Par 3
Men's HDCP: 18
Ladies' HDCP: 17
  Championship 180
   Black 170
   Blue 161
   White 147
   Gold 100

Hole #15 | The Plateau

A difficult, down hill par-three that will require a mid iron to a narrow green. Water on the right is the big fear, especially when the normal wind is blowing towards the water. It's very easy to hit your tee shot through the green leaving a very difficult up and down. A couple of bunkers guard the left side. Tricky hole placements make this green difficult to putt.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 6
Ladies' HDCP: 11
  Championship 439
   Black 439
   Blue 432
   White 411
   Gold 411

Hole #16 | Straight Away

This hole will play much shorter than the yardage. Most players will be able to carry the tee shot far enough to hit a fairway down slope and the ball will run another 30 plus yards. That's the good news. The bad news is that the fairway is very narrow in the landing area and there is a slope on the left side that will kick most balls into the deep rough on that side. Most shots into the green will be hit with a short iron to a fairly large green.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 14
Ladies' HDCP: 7
  Championship 501
   Black 463
   Blue 452
   White 452
   Gold 383

Hole #17 | Twin Tees

This dog leg right hole, along with No. 5, will be the toughest on the course. With a newly added tee, this is a great driving hole that requires a left to right tee shot. The tee shot must hug the right side or the drives will go through the fairway on the left side. Hit it in the rough on the left side and you will probably be chipping out to the fairway. Heavy rough and pine trees guard that side of the fairway. Trees on the right side will take care of any drives that go in that direction. The undulating green makes it difficult to stop your second shot close to the hole. This hole, traditionally gives up the fewest birdies and allows for the most bogies. Most players will be hitting a longer iron into this green that is well bunkered on both sides.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 4
Ladies' HDCP: 4
  Championship 492
   Black 440
   Blue 405
   White 396
   Gold 391

Hole #18 | Goin' Home

A new tee has added 30-plus yards to this most difficult finishing hole. In the last two major championships, this hole was the second and third most difficult. Another great driving hole! This tee shot will favor a left to right shot blending in with the dog leg right hole. A big drive is needed in order to have a mid to long iron into the green. Problems off the tee are every where. Deep bunkers on the right, hills and trees on the left will make it difficult to hit the green if you are not in the fairway. The green is set right at the top of a very steep hill. Any shot hitting short of the green will not make it up this slope. The green, although wide, is very narrow. Shots into the green must have good distance control to hit this green. A fantastic finishing hole!

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out
Championship 460 400 230 625 180 510 460 430 480 3775
Black 440 400 210 580 180 460 435 430 420 3555
Blue 435 361 176 542 406 139 414 423 400 3296
White 433 361 176 466 367 139 404 375 389 3110
Gold 433 335 168 466 294 112 404 375 389 2976
Handicap 1 13 15 9 11 17 3 7 5 Out
Par 4 4 3 5 4 3 4 4 4 35
Ladies' Handicap 3 14 15 2 12 18 10 8 6 Out
Ladies' Par 5 4 3 5 4 3 5 4 4 37
Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Total
Championship 430 245 405 595 325 160 460 500 495 7390
Black 430 185 370 595 325 160 435 500 445 7000
Blue 403 175 367 563 319 161 432 452 405 6573
White 388 116 367 488 319 147 411 452 396 6194
Gold 388 116 357 488 310 100 411 383 391 5920
Handicap 8 16 12 2 10 18 6 14 4  
Par 4 3 4 5 4 3 4 5/4 4 71/70
Ladies' Handicap 9 16 5 1 13 17 11 7 4  
Ladies' Par 5 3 4 5 4 3 5 4 5 75

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