East Course

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 5
Ladies' HDCP: 13
  Championship 460
  Black 440
  Blue 430
  White 380
  Gold 380
  Green 380

Hole #1 | Challenge

The drive is the most difficult feature of The Challenge. A long drive can take advantage of a fairway down slope at the 260-yard mark. A long drive to this point, the ball may run another 30 to 40 yards leaving a short iron to the putting green. The danger off the tee is an out of bounds to the right and new bunkers on the left side followed by a series of hummocks in the left rough. The players first shot of the day will test driving skills and set the tone for the rest of the round. The restored putting green is well guarded by grass hummocks. Par is a good score.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 11
Ladies' HDCP: 5
  Championship 405
  Black 405
  Blue 375
  White 350
  Gold 350
  Green 300

Hole #2 | Breather

The Breather is a lay-up hole for many players. A tee shot with a long iron or fairway wood will create the opportunity for a short iron approach to an expanded but severely contoured putting green with expanded areas in the back right. Deep bunkers are in play on both sides of the fairway and are to be avoided. An approach shot below the hole will afford the player the best birdie opportunity.

Par 3
Men's HDCP: 15
Ladies' HDCP: 11
  Championship 230
  Black 210
  Blue 175
  White 165
  Gold 165
  Green 135

Hole #3 | Vista

The 3rd green has been reshaped and with some trees removed behind it, it creates the impression of a higher hill. New teeing areas have expanded the options for the back tees and forward tees have also been added. Shots that fall short of the green will roll down the fairway grass, but the contours should spread the balls around so that they do not all fall into the same area. The green has more depth on the back left and there is no bunker in that area, but a steep slope may challenge the player. Once on the green, one of the best views on the property awaits.

Par 5
Men's HDCP: 13
Ladies' HDCP: 9
  Championship 615
   Black 570
   Blue 550
   White 470
   Gold 470
  Green 470

Hole #4 | The High and Mighty

The restoration of the first par five on the front nine creates new challenges. The High and Mighty includes an extension of the Championship Tees to 625 yards. The difficulty off the tee is the risk and reward of a high fade over two, very deep, fairway bunkers with out of bounds on the right side. The fairway bunkers will require a layup shot to the middle of the fairway. The longer players may have a chance at the green in two but for most players, it will be a three-shot hole with an approach to a well-protected and expanded putting green.

Par 3
Men's HDCP: 17
Ladies' HDCP: 17
  Championship 180
  Black 180
  Blue 160
  White 145
  Gold 120
  Green 100

Hole #5 | Little Poison

The new par three added on the front nine was inspired by the original Donald Ross par three which was removed prior to the 1968 US Open. The new Little Poison is located in the front corner of the property and will be the first hole that visitors to Oak Hill will see on their drive down legendary Chapin Way. Deep bunkers surround a contoured elevated green. Accurate shots will provide the best birdie opportunity of the round, but misses will require the player to “pick their poison” on a recovery shot to a challenging pin position.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 1
Ladies' HDCP: 1
  Championship 500
  Black 460
  Blue 440
  White 385
  Gold 305
  Green 305

Hole #6 | Double Trouble

The newly restored par 4 is inspired by the original Ross hole in this area which can play over 500 yards from the Championship Tees. The drive will require the player to choose to play towards the bunkers on the left side or to tempt the right side of the dog leg along Allen’s Creek. The second shot will need to cross the creek with the risk that a miss to the left may find the penalty area and a right miss to a deep bunker. The new putting green has recaptured the Ross designed putting surface very close to the original location. The approach shot will require an accurate shot with the creek to the left of the putting green. There is some room short, left and behind the green to hold an errant shot. The player will still have an opportunity for a challenging up and down shot to salvage a bogey.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 3
Ladies' HDCP: 3
  Championship 460
  Black 430
  Blue 415
  White 400
  Gold 360
  Green 360

Hole #7 | Creek's Elbow

A truly great par four hole, one of Oak Hill Country Club's finest. This is a very challenging driving hole with a tight fairway bordered by trees down the left side and Allen’s Creek along the right. The green has been restored adding hole locations along the edges and corners of the green guarded by a bunker on the front left.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 9
Ladies' HDCP: 15
  Championship 430
  Black 430
  Blue 420
  White 375
  Gold 255
  Green 255

Hole #8 | Wayside

Wayside is situated along the Club’s famous entrance, Chapin Way. The fairway bunkers are situated further down the fairway and approach and green side bunkers have been restored to penalize the player attempting to split the fairway. The putting green will allow for new flag stick positions to test the mid iron shot into the green providing for an excellent birdie opportunity.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 7
Ladies' HDCP: 7
  Championship 480
  Black 420
  Blue 400
  White 390
  Gold 345
  Green 345

Hole #9 | Needle's Eye

An uphill dog leg right hole with new Championship tees up to 480 yards. "Death Valley" remains a threat to the right. The left side of the fairway slopes to the left so that any drive landing on the far-left side will land in the rough. The second shot will be an uphill mid iron shot to a green that has been widened to allow for shots to run up. Approach shots that miss the green left down the hill, will have a difficult chance for an up and down.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 8
Ladies' HDCP: 4
  Championship 430
  Black 430
  Blue 410
  White 410
  Gold 335
  Green 335

Hole #10 | Council Grove

The back nine won’t provide the player much relief and Council Grove is the start. Once again, a long par four with Allen’s Creek crossing the fairway just over 300 yards away from the tee. The approach to the putting green has been widened but the green is guarded by deep bunkers and an expanded putting surface.

Par 3
Men's HDCP: 16
Ladies' HDCP: 14
  Championship 245
  Black 190
  Blue 175
  White 165
  Gold 165
  Green 115

Hole #11 | Creekside

The 11th Hole has new challenges with expanded teeing areas and a slightly different look with the front right area of the putting green moved closer to Allen’s Creek and an expanded area in the rear left. The bunkers protect the green that was raised up from its prior location by approximately one foot.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 10
Ladies' HDCP: 10
  Championship 400
  Black 370
  Blue 370
  White 360
  Gold 360
  Green 290

Hole #12 | Leaning Oak

The Leaning Oak continues its legacy on the 12th Hole but members will notice the two bunkers have been added into the landing area for longer players. Strategy will be important in club selection on the drive for this hole. A long drive can carry the first bunker leaving a short iron to the green. From the tee, the bunkers appear closer together than they are. The optimal drive will land between the two fairway bunkers. Second shots from these bunkers will be challenging and smart players will try to avoid these. A small area of hummocks is added to the right rough. The green contours continue to be challenging but no major changes have been made to this putting green. The green side bunkers can be avoided but create a menacing look for the second shot.

Par 5
Men's HDCP: 2
Ladies' HDCP: 2
  Championship 595
  Black 595
  Blue 565
  White 490
  Gold 490
  Green 460

Hole #13 | Hill of Fame

The 13th Hole has a new look from the area of the third shot to the green approach. The bunkers have changed slightly but the fairway has been extended to the back of the second bunker which will allow a risk/reward second shot to carry the bunkers and perhaps roll towards the green. In the past, the thick rough on the right hill would catch all shots making the shot not worth the attempt. The last tree on the left that would force the player to hit a low approach shot in the past has been removed but the opening to the green is narrow and surrounded by deep bunkers. The putting green has been completely rebuilt and will allow for a variety of flag stick locations which were not possible with the prior green. The new putting green has a somewhat square shape with rounded corners that is inspired by the original Ross design. There are no longer bunkers in the rear, but the slope will challenge a recovery shot to a back pin.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 12
Ladies' HDCP: 12
  Championship 320
  Black 320
  Blue 320
  White 310
  Gold 310
  Green 245

Hole #14 | Bunker Hill

One of the most dramatic holes on the newly restored East Course will be the Fourteenth Hole, aptly named “Bunker Hill”. Over time, a number of trees have filled in the entire left side of the 14th hole and several trees also lined the majority of the right side. For most golfers, there was one only way to play the hole which was to hit a precise shot in a small section of the fairway, just as the hill begins to rise. Errant drives required a punch out to the middle with an attempt to get the third shot on the elevated green to save par or bogey. Fourteen is the ultimate “risk and reward” hole on the back nine. The new 14th hole will give the player options that did not exist before.

Par 3
Men's HDCP: 18
Ladies' HDCP: 18
  Championship 160
  Black 160
  Blue 150
  White 135
  Gold 120
  Green 105

Hole #15 | The Plateau

The Plateau is back! A short par three inspired by the original Donald Ross hole and by its cousin, the 3rd Hole at Wannomoisett provides a birdie chance on the back nine. The much photographed but unpopular pond is no longer a threat, but misses will require challenging shots. The green is built into the side of the hill with a position fairly close to the green that it replaced. The green has depth from front to back but will create a challenging recovery shot from either side. The left bunker will create a challenging shot directly across. The right side drop off is up to 8 feet and creates a blind shot to the target.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 6
Ladies' HDCP: 6
  Championship 460
  Black 440
  Blue 430
  White 415
  Gold 360
  Green 360

Hole #16 | Straight Away

The 16th Hole has been lengthened by extending the Championship tee and lowering of all the teeing areas. Trees have been removed down the right side, but two bunkers have been added that may impact the drive. A bunker is located on the left approximately 50 yards short of the green which may trick the player into believing that this bunker is closer to the green than it looks. The green is perched on a slope with a bunker on the right and a steep drop off to the left and rear.

Par 5/4
Men's HDCP: 14
Ladies' HDCP: 16
  Championship 500
  Black 500
  Blue 465
  White 455
  Gold 385
  Green 385

Hole #17 | Twin Tees

17 plays as a par five for the members and a par four for major championships. The tee shot must hug the right side, or the drive may go through the fairway on the left side. Hit it in the rough on the left side and you will probably be chipping out to the fairway. The putting green is now guarded by a series of uneven hummocks on the right side and bunkers on the left.

Par 4
Men's HDCP: 4
Ladies' HDCP: 8
  Championship 490
  Black 445
  Blue 405
  White 395
  Gold 320
  Green 320

Hole #18 | Goin' Home

The 18th Hole continues to be a challenging finishing hole which will require a long and precise drive with new fairway bunkers which will test the player who attempts to cut the corner of the dogleg. The final walk to our famous Tudor clubhouse now features a putting surface with more depth in the right rear section and repositioned bunkers. The putting green has shifted slightly to the right and will allow for increased flag stick locations and create challenging recovery shots. The American Flag on the Hill of Fame is now visible from the 18th fairway to welcome our members and their guests’ home and give them one more chance for a great shot to remember their round. Make a par, sign your card, shake your opponent’s hand. Well played. Come back again.

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out
Championship 460 405 230 615 180 500 460 430 480 3760
Black 440 405 210 570 180 460 430 430 420 3545
Blue 430 375 175 550 160 440 415 420 400 3365
White 380 350 165 470 145 385 404 375 390 3060
Gold 380 350 165 470 120 305 360 255 345 2750
Green 380 300 135 470 100 305 360 255 345 2650
Handicap 5 11 15 13 17 1 3 9 7 Out
Par 4 4 3 5 3 4 4 4 4 35
Ladies' Handicap 13 5 11 9 17 1 3 15 7 Out
Ladies' Par 5 4 3 5 3 4 4 4 4 36
Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Total
Championship 430 245 400 595 320 160 460 500 490 7360
Black 430 190 370 595 320 160 440 500 445 6995
Blue 410 175 370 565 320 150 430 465 405 6655
White 410 165 360 490 310 135 415 455 395 6195
Gold 335 165 360 490 310 120 360 385 320 5595
Green 335 115 290 460 245 105 360 385 320 5265
Handicap 8 16 10 2 12 18 6 14 4  
Par 4 3 4 5 4 3 4 5/4 4 71/70
Ladies' Handicap 4 14 10 2 12 18 6 16 8  
Ladies' Par 4 3 4 5 4 3 4 5 4 72

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