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Oak Hill Country Club offers members one of the finest experiences of any country club in the United States offering a welcoming environment, excellent food and an abundance of social activities to enjoy other’s companionship and the company of family and guests. In addition, the staff at Oak Hill is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and service-oriented. They take pride in their work earning and receiving the respect of the members.

We appreciate your interest in Membership. In keeping with traditions of a private club, membership at Oak Hill is by member referral only. A candidate for membership must be sponsored by three Senior members or two Seniors and one Junior member of the Club. The sponsors serve as liaisons between the Club and potential member. Traditionally, it is through the sponsoring members that a candidate learns about the Club’s amenities, traditions and fees. Oak Hill offers various types of Membership in which the initiation amount is based on what age you are. Please have one of your three sponsors contact Oak Hill’s Membership & Communications Manager to obtain a membership packet for you to review.